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i think will's going to break up with his girlfriend.
they've been going out for over 7 years, mind you.
it's weird. i dont know what i think if he did break
up with her. i like her a whole bunch, but i really
do think will deserves someone better than her.
she's up north at her parent's this weekend.
will didnt go [odd] and then tonight he got all
decked out and lookin like a stud to go to a party
[something he never does, he usually just goes in
jeans and such]. he also asked me for fashion advise
[something i usually have to force on him, or be asked
of only for something he really wants to look good for].
hmm. i've been pondering it for a while. i dont know why
i'm putting this in here. i havent really written for months
and now this? haha odd. whatever.
i really wanted to go to that wild partay with emma-face
but i cant cause i'm going to be way too tired at 12:30 [or later]
for sure.
i miss keri. i want her to be home tomorrow! poop.
i also need to hang out with miranda haassss.
my cello is done! no more crack! no more playing cautiously!
i'm going to pick him up tuesday. i realllllly want that pink
cello case :)
i'm going to go eat dinner.
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